Thursday, March 22, 2007

Home: The Christmas Puppy, an e-book. "This is a heart warming story about a puppy in a pet store who has only one wish--to find a home and someone special to love and who can love him. All the puppies, except for one, have been promised a new home on Christmas Eve. Being passed over time and time again, the puppy feels he is too old and too big to ever be adopted, but he learns Christmas is a time for miracles.
The Christmas Puppy is a story that touches lightly on differences that can lead to discrimination and how that can feel. It also shows how an encouraging word can help build confidence. And, last but not least, when things seem to be as bad as they can get, it is possible that someone will enter the picture and convincingly show that differences don't only not matter, but also may be beautiful.
A life lesson and story on love and differences for children of all ages."

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